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Neoleads helps B2B businesses reach new and existing customers using an email ad platform. Billions of people use email daily for business communication. Your email ad will be shown to interested customers through email.

Businesses like yours use Neoleads’ email ads to increase online sales, drive in-store traffic, and find new customers.

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What is Neoleads Email Ads

In the digital age, email remains a fundamental tool for business communication, with billions relying on it daily for professional interactions.

Your Email Ads are strategically placed in sales funnel build by you with help of our Neoleads AI, ensuring they are seen by individuals interested in your product or services.

Businesses utilize Neoleads Email Ads to enhance their online visibility, drive both online and physical store traffic, and attract new customers. Regardless of whether you’re taking your first steps into email marketing or are a seasoned professional, Neoleads provides the tools and support necessary for your success in this dynamic advertising arena

Increase Your Online Sale/Revenue

Boost transactions on your site with Neoleads, steering potential customers to purchase through targeted email outreach

Generate High Qualified Leads

Engage with high-quality prospects and connect with ideal customers for your business using Neoleads' targeted lead ads.

Drive Real Engagement

Increase interaction and interest with Neoleads, designed to amplify engagement and captivate your audience.

More Website Visitors

Boost your website's visitor count with Neoleads, efficiently directing more traffic to your online presence.

Build Awareness

Enhance brand recognition and awareness with Neoleads, establishing a prominent presence in your market.

More App Install

Attract a larger user base for your app using Neoleads' email ads, effectively reaching out to potential users through targeted email campaigns.


Connect directly with individuals interested in your product or service.

Connect with those eager to engage with your brand through Neoleads. Tailor your audience based on interests, gender, or location with our precise ad targeting, ensuring your business’s ad reaches those most inclined to click and interact


Real-time insights into your email ads

When you run your ad, you’ll be able to see the level of engagement and interest it generates, including the number of replies and clicks.

Neoleads Email Ad Analytics provides detailed demographic, gender, age, and location-based statistics, tailored to engagement and interest levels.

Utilize these insights to enhance the effectiveness of your future ad campaigns.

" A huge differentiator for Neoleads is the depth of alignment it creates between marketing and sales. Neoleads understands what marketing needs to do in order to drive sales. It's much more than just a chat tool."

Divyanshu Pratap Singh
Senior Former Senior Director Marketing, RealSpace

30% QoQ increase in pipeline influenced in the first six quarters
2x higher conversion rate from MQL to SQL with AI
#1 fastest channel to convert MQL to pipeline
" Neoleads has contributed to our digital success in multiple ways. It's helping us hit our pipeline goals, increase site engagement, engage visitors longer, and also align our sales and marketing teams."

Shivam Dhawan
Senior Director of Digital Experience, GetBoarded

$10M attributed pipeline
#2 highest converting solution
" In the first year that we launched with just two people on the chat desk, we generated over 35 million in allocations and we're only a year and a half out, and we're up to 65 already."

Karan Oberoi
Head of Operations, Pawpurrfect

$65 million in allocations from Neoleads in 18 months
2x attainment of trade goals by Q4
Reduced time to revenue

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