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How this Affiliate Program Works?

Get a unique link

Once you sign up as a partner, you'll be given an unique link which will track all your clients and purchases.

Promote and share

Recommend and share Neoleads to your clients, followers and friends who will get a $100 Ad Credit if they use your link.

Get paid

Each time your referral renews their subscription you'll get a 15% recurring commission.

Why it's worth sharing Neoleads AI - Benefits?

Start making passive income whenever someone signs upto Neoleads

Whenever a customer signs up with your affiliate link, you get a 15% monthly commission for life.

*no credit card required

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Frequently Asked Questions

68% of users go for the yearly popular plan.

So if you recommend users who send loads of emails, i.e they upgrade to the higher tiered plans, you’ll see your earnings really start to soar.

Because our system is intertwined with email verification and sending emails, the potential to compound your revenue is extremely high.

Basic Plan: $39/month
Popular Plan: $79/month
Pro Plan: $94/month

You will become eligible for a commission at least 45 days after your referred customer converts from a trial to a paid account, provided that the total amount owing reaches USD 50 or more. For instance, if your referred customer upgrades their account on June 15th, you can anticipate receiving your commission on August 1st.

To prevent any potential confusion among potential customers and to align with Neoleads marketing strategies, it is prohibited to use your affiliate link in any paid media, including search engine ads, Facebook ads, or any similar platforms that may compete with Neoleads marketing efforts.

No, you don’t need to be a Neoleads user.

As an affiliate, you will receive a 90-day cookie duration, meaning that if someone clicks on your referral link and creates an account within that period, you will still be eligible for a commission even if they make a purchase after the 90-day timeframe.