Initiate precise campaigns that captivate your key accounts. Armed with Neo‘s perceptive insights and engagement resources, this goes beyond conventional marketingit’s all about forging personal connections. 

Leads with AI
What's Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach that crafts personalized, laser-focused campaigns to captivate specific accounts. 

Why Opt for Neo in ABM?

Neo gets to the heart of your website visitors – who they are, where they’re from, and what they’re exploring, so you know your aim is true when targeting accounts. Neo takes it a step further from there, crafting tailored messages, alerting reps when a top-tier account browses your site, and swiftly connecting those crucial accounts with the most fitting sales representative.  It’s ABM supercharged with Neo. 

Put Your Focus on Vital Accounts

Effective account-based marketing hinges on truly comprehending the individuals you’re reaching out to. Engage key accounts in live, personalized conversations powered by real-time insights. Discover who’s visiting your site, their origin, and the pages they’re exploring.  It’s about making connections that count.

Vital focus

Establish Uniform Web Experiences

Harness Neo‘s adaptable and tailor-made routing to define the recipients for specific conversations. Right from the first visit to your site, initiate individualized messages featuring their company name, size, and pertinent details.

Supercharge Your Sales Journey

Your valued buyers shouldn’t be bothered with filling out forms – and they don’t need to be. You’ve already established their eligibility. Expedite the sales process by seamlessly directing them to the account representative. And if they’re unavailable, let Neo AI Agent schedule a meeting for a later time.