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Empower your outreach with Neoleads. With just an email input, witness a transformative enrichment process that infuses your leads, contacts, and accounts with invaluable data insights—including precise location, industry nuances, revenue metrics, employee counts, and more. Optimize your targeting and elevate your email strategy.

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Why Do You Need Email Enrichment?

Enhanced Targeting

fraud protection

Personalized Outreach

Improved Deliverability

boost deliverability

Data-Driven Decision Making

How Does It Work?

quick email enrichment

Quick Email Enrichment

Experience seamless enrichment with Neoleads’ intuitive single email input feature. Simply enter an email address, and witness rapid enrichment, extracting vital details for personalized engagement.

Bulk Email List Enrichment

Accelerate your outreach with Neoleads’ bulk list enrichment. Just upload your email list and watch as our efficient system enriches each contact with critical data points, such as revenue metrics, employee counts, and more.

Elevate your database accuracy, refine your targeting strategies, and own unparalleled outreach potential with Neoleads’ bulk enrichment solutions.

Bulk email enrichment
API Integration

API Integration

Integrate effortlessly with Neoleads’ API capabilities. Enrich your data in real-time as it flows through your systems, ensuring consistent and enriched information at every touchpoint.

Point of Capture

Ensure data accuracy right from the start. With Neoleads, enrich email entries at the point of capture, validating and enhancing contact details instantly to build a robust and reliable database.

Benefits of Email Enrichment

Count on our 20+ data sources for precise data validation, verification and enrichment.


Trust in Accuracy: Ensuring Data Integrity with Validation

Prioritize genuine interactions with Neoleads' validation and verification features. Ensure every email is verified and validated, enhancing data integrity and boosting deliverability for improved outreach.

Enhanced Contact Details: Enrichment Precision

Dive deeper into your contacts with Neoleads. Enrich your contact information with critical data points such as industry, location, and more, providing a comprehensive view for tailored interactions.


Drive Engagement - Enrichment-Powered Targeted Marketing

Refine your marketing strategies with enriched data from Neoleads. Utilize detailed insights to segment audiences effectively, delivering targeted messages that resonate and drive engagement.

Block verification

Lead Scoring Precision

Leverage enriched data to enhance lead scoring processes with Neoleads. Gain insights into each lead's potential, prioritizing efforts based on enriched details for optimized conversion strategies.

Yahoo, AOL

Sales Outreach Optimization: Enrichment Fuels Prospecting

Elevate your sales prospecting with Neoleads. Enrich your outreach lists with invaluable data, enabling sales teams to identify and engage high-value prospects with tailored strategies.

Gibberish Check

Personalized Communication

Craft personalized communications with Neoleads' enriched insights. Utilize detailed data points to tailor emails, ensuring each interaction resonates and fosters meaningful connections.

" A huge differentiator for Neoleads is the depth of alignment it creates between marketing and sales. Neoleads understands what marketing needs to do in order to drive sales. It's much more than just a chat tool."

Divyanshu Pratap Singh
Senior Former Senior Director Marketing, RealSpace

30% QoQ increase in pipeline influenced in the first six quarters
2x higher conversion rate from MQL to SQL with AI
#1 fastest channel to convert MQL to pipeline
" Neoleads has contributed to our digital success in multiple ways. It's helping us hit our pipeline goals, increase site engagement, engage visitors longer, and also align our sales and marketing teams."

Shivam Dhawan
Senior Director of Digital Experience, GetBoarded

$10M attributed pipeline
#2 highest converting solution
" In the first year that we launched with just two people on the chat desk, we generated over 35 million in allocations and we're only a year and a half out, and we're up to 65 already."

Karan Oberoi
Head of Operations, Pawpurrfect

$65 million in allocations from Neoleads in 18 months
2x attainment of trade goals by Q4
Reduced time to revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

An email verifier, or email checker, verifies if an email address exists and can accept emails. Verifying an email list is important before contacting new recipients to avoid bounces and protect your sender’s reputation. Clearout’s email verifier checks email validity on multiple levels, like format, domain verification, MX records, and a lot more.

The Email Verifier directly connects to the SMTP server

Clearout Email Verifier performs a list of 20+ validation checks on every email address which included the following-
Email Format Validation: Our email verification tool checks if the email address is in a valid format, such as
Catch-All Domain Check: Our tool checks if the server has a accept-all policy that accepts any email address sent to that domain
Gibberish Email Address Detection: We make sure the email address doesn’t appear to be a random string of characters, like
Disposable Email Address Detection: Our tool checks if the email address uses a disposable domain name
Role-based Email Address Detection: It Identifies all role-based email addresses like admin, support or sales from the list
MX Record Check: We check if the domain has an MX record. If not, the email address cannot receive emails.
Extended SMTP Check: Verifies SMTP providers for every email address to determine the active mail servers

Neoleads email verification boasts accuracy rate of over 98%, setting the industry standard for email verification.

Once an account is created, you can validate 100 email addresses for free

You can easily verify emails in bulk by either uploading or importing your email list in Clearout’s bulk email verifier tool. Our email verification tool offers both in-app and API, making bulk email verification a breeze.